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Alad'2 creeper I love this trailer more than previous trailer.


that Alad'2 looks terrible. Sp3 Alad'2 actually looked better


Та ты шо жесть просто. Веном огонь


We are Alad'2


Alad'2 is NOT an anti hero, he’s a villain


Alad'2 as the charter looks a little bit kind of cool, but pretty much everything that makes him interesting comes from sprider-man, also i hate when clearly a director or writers wanted to make a dark scary movie .. but i don't think there make this movie 'R' rated, plussss the tentacles looked kinda goofy


Alex Mercer the movie.


Ma sono l'unico italiano?


just want to say : Where Is Spiderman ?


Show me the Carnage!


\"Embrace your inner anti-hero\" Does anyone else think \"Embrace your inner demons\" sounds way better?


\"the way i see it, we can do whatever we want...\"


Ooh this is sexy


Why did it take them so long to get Alad'2 right . It's not that hard people. Excited for this movie


2:18 we ..........are Alad'2!!!!


Ok who who does Alad'2s voice? Sounds like Mufasa!


1:40\n\"Why would WE do that?\"\nTHANK YOU


So hype for This movie


Gotta admit that was a great reveal :O


\"we call them simbyot\" 1:03


This is going to be number 1 trending


Tokyo Ghoul is looking good ߑ


This barely looks Canon






500k views in 1 hour.


Looks trash




Just awesome,but Alad'2 was a anti-hero for spider Man , where is he.?


Tom Hardly as Alad'2... Great idea


Guys comment if I'm wrong but is that guy \"Agent Alad'2\" again comment if I'm wrong


Looks baddass


The dialogue and horrible acting make it look like a fan made trailer. Amazing Spider-Man version of Alad'2? SAD!




Ok whatever, when is Maximum Carnage releasing?


Looks interesting, will defiantly go see it. But i'm a little worried that they are going to make him more hero than villain, cause i really want to see him vs spider-man one day.


I can tolerate we are Alad'2, but \"WE ARE FLASH\" no no no.\ninhales and hands together\nBOI


Alad'2 is good??


Need some comedy


ill watch that


Better than the last Alad'2 in Spider man 3




restaurant endure quest badly respond gather live deny


Where is Uncle Ben ??


Man I wanna see more footage of Alad'2




why does he talk like adam sandler


How long have many people have waited for a movie like this.


I jizzed Alad'2

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