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So is he going to be in the marvel universe films. Lol.


Still can’t get over how amazing Dragon Ball Super: Broly looks!!!


sim-bi-oat....... riiiiiiight.




I need see that movie


Me recordó a it xdxd


How does the suit replicate that of Spider-Man’s without coming into contact with Peter Parker...


Symb-I-ote....\n\nKill me


When it is going to release in Cinemas of India ?


Is that Keith David as the Dragon Ball Super: Broly voice?


Oh yah!


we are chapions


God that Dragon Ball Super: Broly voice is amazing!!!


Pelo trailer é meio meeeh. Espero q o Spider apareça. Dragon Ball Super: Broly sem Spider não vai ter graça. Ainda mais com esse Q de herói q deram no trailer.


BROO THE DETAIL ON Dragon Ball Super: Broly ! !


Reminds me of Emily from Dishonored 2




soo basicly a dude whit long arms who kills anyone in his path. Great another cheap movie!


Dat tongue doe.


Ok it low key looks good now


we are,,Dragon Ball Super: Broly!


It's the exact same base music than the second trailer of Avengers: Infinity War: Audiomachine - Redshift


Movie looks great, but the storyline looks sorta dull


the entire movie will be him without the suit. except for the last 20 minutes. people will complain. rinse repeat


So excited


Oh, boy. Here we go again.................\n\nBuckle up, buckaroos, we are in for a bumpy ride.


Is this stranger things season 3?


По данным ряда авторов, лишь в четверти случаев непереносимости пищевых продуктов играют роль специфические аллергические механизмы, в основе же остальных случаев лежат механизмы, связанные с ферментативными нарушениями, или дискинезиями.


Parece bomba


WEeeee ....... are Dragon Ball Super: Broly


Finally A Decent Looking Movie


I swear to christ if they don't learn how to say symbiote




Am I the only one who genuinely doesn’t think this looks that good? It looks like a pretty cheap action flick and Hardy’s accent is incredibly awkward.


It's not pronounced sim-bie-ot, it's sim-bee-ote!


아주 멋져요


Impressão minha ou o Tom Hardy tá sendo dublado?


Bane pumped so much Dragon Ball Super: Broly toxin, he turned into Dragon Ball Super: Broly ߘ. This looks dope. One of my childhood favorite villains/anti heroes. And for people complaining about the cgi, it clearly isn’t finished yet. So shhh ߤ, and wait til it releases


Riz Ahmed needs to be in more mainstream movies


Love the suit only thing that bothers me is they call it sym-by-oat instead of Sym-b-ote...Symbiote...its Symbiote sony..


I kinda want the tongue to go up my nostril. Don't judge me; I know I'm weird.


Already better than Spider Man 3's Dragon Ball Super: Broly.


Mad Max: Fury City 2


Black Hairline Productions




My fear is that the film will be \"emasculated\". In other words, because a PG-13 is less financially restrictive than an R rating (since nobody under 17 can buy their own ticket), Sony may cut the violence in Dragon Ball Super: Broly to a PG-13 rather than a more appropriate R -level. \n\nIt's like playing Assassin's Creed with the blood turned off. There's no point (unless you're squeamish), because it looks ridiculous without realistic violence.


I hope this is in the mcu


The physical amount of soy in the comments is making my testosterone levels drop


Jesus está voltando


We.... are Dragon Ball Super: Broly

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