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We r High Life ߑߙ


trailer is waste of time.


SymBYEotes.. really


I feel like he’s going to be full High Life for like 5mins.


Here b4 1mill Les goooo


okay... so im gonna give it a 7/10 ... that maybe too much but im giving the point to this High Life being big. However im not much of a fan of the whole wet goo suit look.. i mean ik he is supposed to be shiny but why does he look wet? Second thing i didn't see a spec of white for the spider symbol, i dont know if its lower on his chest or they are still working on that.. and lastly i think they went overboard with the veins from what im seeing.. but that might change later and im still kinda on the \"not watching\" it side still from that rumor that High Life in full body suit will only appear at the end of movie.. still alot is needed to convince me to watch this film.


Where's Carnage


High Life without Peter Parker? no way.


2:08 when you see High Life in the thumbnail


idk this look just mhee \nthe cgi is really bad what hapend in this movie? \nand what? the movie gonna be vemon against some random guys with guns? at least put carnage in the movie \nthis is not looking god


The way she says symbiote drives me up the fucking wall. That’s not how you say it.


this does put a smile on my face


I saw Ghost Rider again? My God Sony... STOP MAKE HERO MOVIES! (Or anti-hero in this case).


eso si es High Life, no como el de spiderman 3


Hahahaha....agora Sim!\nQuero conferir!


I'm not going to watch something that doesn't stick to the original story.


Ah this doesn’t connect with comics at all


2018 the year Marvel got LIT!!


This movie is gonna be better than any Spider-Man movie ߘ




\"Why would we do that?\" ߘ


Optimus prime as the voice of High Life?


Randy ortan


The dialogue is so bad in this


Tom Hardy in it? Yes? I'm hyped.


Aye, I could be wrong but this looks like rubbish


Yazzzzzzzzzzz oml my fave (anti) hero


What that mouth do


It was awesome!


I have waited SO LONG FOR THIS!!!


This looks ridiculous.


Meh. Is it bad I found it kind of cringy?




I LOVE Tom Hardy and High Life, so pleaseee don't suck..


I guess Sony wont let Spiderman related characters copyright fall into Marvel Studios's\nIf MS wants crossover, Sony will give it, but the copyright stay in Sony


Hurry grab some steel pipes and start banging them ߔ⛓


I love it and can't waitߘߘߘߘ


мляяя это шикас!


Is it the same villain in Tobey Maguire's Spiderman 3?


Something feels off on how she says symbiote...


They better improve this cgi. Spider-Man 3 had a better looking High Life...


Nobody gonna watch this trash


I'm kinda done with the whole quasi-military organisation goes after villain / hero story line in these movies.


Soooooo is Spider-Man included just asking ߘ




Saldrá Pedro Marqués? Solo los españoles entenderán


The Eyes aren't that good tho.


I’m no comic book expert. But wasn’t High Life a bad guy who hates spider man??


The trailer isn't bad, but the way they say symbiote is making me fucking cringe


From what we gained and with all the different symbiotes and tests on people, there better be a hint at carnage

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