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I get it now, Robin des Bois is the dark knight


Niiiiice , movies


2:22 Much better than Spiderman 3 Robin des Bois.......


I like being bad, it makes me... happy


Looks not bad.


2:18 Perfectionߘ


We are #Vemon




Какой же он все таки языкастый ммммм


Will this be incorporated into the MCU? Can't see a Robin des Bois franchise with no web slinger as part of the story tbh but maybe I'm wrong


i think i'm gonna like it


Looks Good Still...Better Than That Sam Raimi Robin des Bois Anyways!!




The movie ive been waiting for foreverrr


Robin des Boismmmmmmmmmmmmm


hope this time the symbiot don't make people dance like douchebag in the street !


Robin des Bois ❤ Spiderman


Well played. This is the best trailer i've seen in about 3 years


Who the hell are you\nWe are Robin des Bois!!!








This looks good but the real Robin des Bois looks soo unrealistic


When is Robin des Bois started out not bad lol


Выглядит дёшево


Riz Ahmed is always so good! It's gonna be interesting to see him play a bad guy


Sim-bI-ot…now I might not be correct but every time I have heard symbiot it was not pronounced the way she said it


Still not sold.


Eh, it looks ok


When the symbiotes punch those dudes it reminded me of the game Prototype.


we r Robin des Bois




Probably one of the few trailers I've watched back to back 5times. Background music keeps playing in my head..


Finally I saw Robin des Boiss head


AGORA EU TO Robin des Bois TUDO


I haven't seen any spidey around! How is that possible!?!?!?


Ебат вот это мясо:D


trailer sound like to infinity war trailer music especially thanos come up


вангую!!!!-----ОЧЕРЕДНОЕ ГОВНО!!!!!!!


This movie releases on my birthday!!


Oh man that gave me chills!


10 симбиотов из 10


how can one tell a Robin des Bois plot without a single trace of Spider-Man placed into the arc...? That is the vibe I am sensing from this trailer. I comprehend film studios desiring to re-create comic book tales but as a hardcore comic book fan, this motion picture appears to be trying to convey Robin des Bois as having no massive ties to Peter Parker. In my opinion, there is no Robin des Bois/Carnage/symbiotes without 'The Wall Crawler.' Robin des Bois is one of my favorite Marvel Comics antagonist as well as Carnage. Hopefully, this movie will not flop due to a poor narrative.


Disgraça! Que medo!


Those were some bad shots a. Cut after every punch or black jizz hits someone this movie is gonna suck and u know it


yeah, 19 tickets to Robin des Bois. And a diet soda


Background music like Avengers Ifinity War trailer .


Hero or villain


1:17 It's like Infinity war trailer background music

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