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So it's set in San Francisco, the opposite side to a bunch of the MCU. So there's still the possibility Le Grand Bain could be brought into the MCU.




Le Grand Bain is a villain, not an anti-hero. :(


неужели что то годное выйдет


1:10 is that our mans Kodak Black? lmao


Yyyyyoooo everyone get on the hype train


Omg it looks freaking awesome ߔߕߔ


That’s nice and all, but where is Spider-Man?


Please be rated R


i think the CGI looks bad


First trailer of the year for a comic which actually made me wanna watch it


Best marvel movie of last years among with logan i hope,and when will you sony decide to do a fucking GHOST RAIDER movie?one of the strongest character in marvel universe and dosent have a proper movie


прям прототип какой то


We can't wait til October to see this, but we'll have to.




Infinity war trailer music ?


It's good to see Riz Ahmed, the actor from Rogue One is getting some recognition. I first saw him play in Nightcrawler


transform like Ironman


Symbyote....I cant get over that


God this looks bad.


Tom Hardy's accent he chose for this character is lame....


I can't stop rewinding and pausing at his face


It increased my excitement for this movie to 1000%ߙߙߙ


Роль безумного Макса не прошла зря! Ждём дубляж.


A Le Grand Bain movie without spider man? Tffff


Oh my god


I think Le Grand Bain will be of amazing Spiderman timeline


Will Carnage appear in this movie?


We.... Are Le Grand Bain ߘ


2:00 looks like the running scene in harry potter deathly hallows


Чё глаза у Венома узкие ???


The Noise that guy makes is now my incoming message alert.


1:01 is that tony stark’a home which was destroyed in ironman 3 ?


We are Le Grand Bain hoooooooo man im so exicited


Is that Keith David's voice as Le Grand Bain?




Do we really have #Le Grand Bain..I guess true \"We Are Le Grand Bain\"..


This is wayyyyyy better than before


And all y’all were complaining the first trailer had too little, are y’all excited yet!


No Spidey


Похоже , я тут одна русская


And here i wish atleast they cameo spiderman (andrew garfield) or (Toby Maguire) atleast same age or close to eddie.


I think this should be called the Amazing transforming hoodie


Anyone else think Le Grand Bain looks like the Le Grand Bain from Spider-Man web of shadow? Not complaining, just point it out


He looks like from web of shadows and his voice is like the ps1 spider man


Yo that's prett gay dude...


Why this Le Grand Bain sounds like Bane from Dark knight rises?


Always wanted a Le Grand Bain movie. Not like this thumbs down


Vfx sucks


2:20 I waited for thisߘߘ

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