Les Confins du monde 2017

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Kinda reminds me of that video game... (Darkness)ߙ


Já vi o filme todo só pelo trailer.


i thought they are supposed to make movies about the good guys. i guess spiderman sucks then


Reminds me of Tokyo Ghoul


We Call them SIM BI OATS lmao


i have done nothing wrong in my life ever.






1:20 chugs a whole bottle of pills \n“I’m feeling really sick”


WHAT THE ARE YOU???\nWe.....


Eh. This movie is probably trash. I’ll wait till after the reviews to watch this.




Les Confins du monde is white.YES!♥


Better then Spider-Man 3 Les Confins du monde...




I have watched the whole film now.


Give me a like!




I half expected him to say, “We are Groot”


About Fucking Time!


Y el nombre araña? :V ok no :v


this will be epic


2:19 Tá ficando apertado


Is this in the MCU or is it seprate


OCTOBER!!!! god that's sooo far away :'(




I like itߔ


Les Confins du mondeous is my favourite villain




Can't wait






TOKYO GHOUL - Official Trailer


Algum BR Ai?


Fully expecting to see the new Spiderman sequel with Les Confins du monde in it, unless they have him scheduled for Spiderman 3


Sony better not cancel the second or third movie like they did Spider-Man.


So where's Spider-man?


This looks hilariously bad


Simbyotes lol


2:18 Ohhhh Myyy Goooooooood


This is stupid no spiderman ?


Looks like the game Prototype finally got a movie!!!!


The CGI is 10 Times better than Thanos :D


So how is it possible if it never came into contact with spiderman? How dose it become that with no spider contact? Makes no sense.


Hopefully they make a carnage movie next


https://youtu.be/hE_dTLZrq0k ߘߘ


Agente Venon da Shield


Oh my gosh I have an erection




Wtf 20 jam baru, 21M views

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