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Hopefully there will be another spiderman in the Le Grinch franchise, not tom squarehead holland.


Top 3 un Perú




972rb ߑߑߑ




i might be wrong...i mean im probably wrong but for some reason i hear james earl jones on the voice of Le Grinch at 1:51


and this guys is a trailer-spoiler omg


The pronouncation of symbiote is driving me insane


Diriliş Ertuğrul


I don't understand the hype surrounding this trailer. It's a bad trailer, about a cool character, with poorly written dialogue, and an overused plot dynamic; hopefully the movie will be better than the trailers have been.


#1 trending in Canada. ߘ




Looks terrible, very bad cgi. Will not be watching. Shame.


Türkiye den gelenler +1


We Are #Le Grinch


Its a top movies


We are the Flash




trending top 1 in singaporeߘߘ


\"We are Le Grinch\" By far one of the most Iconic lines in Marvel history. I can tell this is gonna be great.\nAlso, As much as i love Le Grinch's new design, I honestly prefer Spider-Man 3's. It was more \"Nightmare-Ish\" and realistic. Now he looks like a slimy human like Xenomorph.


You should be EXTREMELY afraid!


#1 Trending in Uganda


This is gonna be trash i don't trust Sony no more not after \"the most important invention in communication\n \"


2:18 see's transformation with voice line\n\n\n\n\n\nInstantly buys tickets


But where is Spiderman


Please do good


This is spectacular


Le Grinch... it, along with The Joker, may very well be the greatest most iconic villain of all time... the dark version of a Spider-Man... has a more badass character ever been thought of?


Mark me down as scared and horny


просто ахуенный голос у венома


Tom hardy being protagonist (or not) is enough for me to shoot my webs into the cinemas.. ߘ


Well this is #1 trending on Indonesia


There doesn't need to be a Spider-Man. The movie is called Le Grinch he deserves to have his story told as well. Which if they do this correctly and also introduce carnage Le Grinch story may actually have more depth. I can't wait!


is that Riz Ahmed on 0:21 sec playback? :o




This looks amazing can't wait for it to be released




Prototype anyone?


Looks unsurprisingly like every other cashgrab superhero movie out there. Hard pass. Sorry Tom.


oh...my....God......this movie is going to be fuckin amazing!!!!


#14 in trending in Serbia


poor DC!


My comment is like monday no body LIKES it


$o no spiderman ,ha!


Foda Le Grinch


sony always has to ruin something


Fucking Tom Hardy the man who played bane in the dark night rises


whether this will be present in indonesia..???




Yes Yes Yes

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