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Jack, un homme d’affaires américain, s’expatrie en Asie du sud-est avec sa famille pour mener une vie de rêve dans un décor paradisiaque. Fraîchement débarqués, leur projet tourne court. Un coup d’état éclate dans le pays et la tête des expatriés se retrouve mise à prix. Aidés par un mercenaire britannique, Jack et les siens n'ont qu'une solution: fuir.

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Is this out of the MCU?


apestas No Escape


Please be Rated R


Neato. I wouldn't expect MCU quality, but I've always been fond of No Escape. I'll be excited to see this. \n\nOh, also, is that film Life actually a prequel to this? I heard mention of a \"Life Foundation...\"


We are No Escape :3 coollll


Oh my god the CGI is so bad.


communism in a nutshell




No Escape's suit in Spiderman 3 looks better. Too much overkill with the CGI.


Se ve finoli


Voice is much better then MvCs No Escape ߘ


Here before it’s trending


Please Sony don't pull an \"Amazing Spider man 2\" on us.




I don't know if I want to like this movie or not but it looks great


Who are you?\nMe, I'm No Escape


This could actually be good!


Who’s here before 500? ߙ‍♂️


2:20 You rewound it more than once


The quality of this movie makes it seem like its a Netflix original.


Серьёзно? Не чё это серьёзно? И это дерьмо мы все так ждём? Это какой-то трэш, это дерьмо. Уже видно по трейлеру что уровень Венома будет низкий.




Reminds me of \n\"The Darkness\" video game series. \nGood times




When she bite down. 2:09




We are...\n\n\n\n\n\nHyped


It's looks very underwhelming


Finally something OK :D


is that the avenger infinity war song? WHY ?


I prefer this..


First No Escape.....\nLove You Tom Hardy ߘߘ


IM SEEING THIS MOVIE. it's the movie every marvel fan has been waiting for ߑ


This looks wicked mane




who else got goosebumps on 2:20 or just the whole trailer?




Feels like they're going to drop the ball on this one


Looks like the old spawn movie problemas worse


Reminds me a bit of the game prototype lol


Whoever's idea it was to pronounce it as \"Sim-Buy-Oat\" should be fired immediately. It's pronounced Symbiote.


finaly, one good and scary No Escape




2:09 When you're playing an online game and your mom tells you to take out the trash.


We are No Escape ߘ


по такому трейлеру не скажешь что сегодняшний человек паук способен его победить




2:09 When you forgot your keys at home


wait No Escape is evil or no?


Mad hype

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