Skyscraper 2018

Ancien chef du commando de libération des otages du FBI et vétéran de l'armée américaine, Will Sawyer est désormais responsable de la sécurité des gratte-ciels. Alors qu'il est affecté à Hong Kong, il est accusé d'avoir déclenché un incendie dans la tour la plus haute et réputée la plus sûre du monde … Considéré comme fugitif, Will doit retrouver les criminels, prouver son innocence et surtout sauver sa femme et ses deux enfants prisonniers du bâtiment en flammes …

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Danngggggg ߔ


STOP CALLING IT A SIM-BYE-OTE!!!! that really annoyed me




So is Skyscraper good or bad?


I'm so happy he said 'We Are Skyscraper' ߘ


Skyscraper haters wya? Suddenly this is looking ߔߔ




ЕБАТЬ!!!!!! Круто ОЧЕНЬ КРУТО. И немного на прототипа смахивает)


Did anyone else get Prototype vibes from this?


I hate when they have to change a character to fit pc agenda




I get the feeling this will be conjuring horror type scares


Only problem is that it's made by sony ߘ But looks awesome so far!


Well... That looks lame.


The CG looks bad let's be honest. But it's still 7 months away


Andrew Gardfield could be a great Spidey for this Skyscraper... ߘ


We are Skyscraper


Esse filme vai ser o melhor do ano


Ah, okay. \nSo that's your plan Sony... Sneaky. \n\nYall gonna do this Skyscraper film. \nTry to establish him as a solo. \n(Looks a lot better now btw) \n\nThen, depending on how well it does, yall then gonna try to bring Skyscraper into Spider-Man Homecoming sequel or future MCU flicks post Avengers 4, in Phase 4. \n\nAntman 3 or Black Panther 2 perhaps? \nSince both are on the West Coast too. COULD result in a crazy, unique story. \nThen that way, maybe we can get Shuri x Peter vs Skyscraper. \n\nOr even, Antman and Peter and/or Strange working together with the quantum stuff.


The hype is real.


Could be good! Can Sony follow through on this one?




sim-bie-ote?.. it's sim-be-ote.. no one says sim-bie-ote


So dark. You sure you’re not from the DC Universe?”ߘ




Oh my! Looks interesting!


Omega LUL


Anyone after 9 million ߘ


same trailer music from infinity war trailer 2


Oh.My.God. It's amazing!




This without Spiderman will suck.


Sony did what Marvel could not




My favourite actor..Tom fuckin hardy


This make's my life complete


We are Groot


Shitߙ I’m ready for this movie ❤️




I screen recorded the “leaked” version of this last night in fear that they might not release this one ߘߤߏ‍♂️ߤߏ‍♂️ oops


One of my favorite villains in Spider-Man has its own movie


Skyscraper. ❤




Isme Skyscraper 2 bar hi dhikhega purhe trailer mai sirf 1 bar dhikha baki time human form mai yeh flim flop hogi trailer mai dum nahi hai


Skyscraper é foda


Finalmente! O Skyscraper apareceu.


Spider-Man needs to be at least in a small part in it’s movie


tom haaaarrrrrddddddddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my man


\"We are Skyscraper\" \n>:) \nߕ



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