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God Sony u disappointed us again


Sym-BYE-Oat XD


Rocketman looks so cool




wow, i was sceptical at first but this actually looks like it could be this generation's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer


Is this going to be Rated R? I hope so, I read somewhere it would be.


i am going crazy


Tom Hardy saved this Movie


It would be cool if this was set in the Amazing Spider-Man universe and we get to see Andrew as Spider-Man fighting Rocketman at the end of this our something like that


OK I change my mind this would be the best


Que bueno


WE.. ARE... Rocketman!


Wow,a trailer that DOESN'T basically show you the whole movie.. \n\nI'm impressed...


I hate how they're unfolding the MCU in contrast with the comics .. it doesn't do them better or justice sometimes and they don't make sense when you really think about it. I know the comics are \"old\" and you got modernize things and make it easier for outsiders but if you've always been into comics and now they're huge and are in film they're getting reworked not for the fans but for the masses.


estou sem palavras massa ߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߑߑߑߑ


Que bueno


19million views in 18 hours.




Fala ai pessoal aqui é o V E N O M E X T R E M E


WE.... ARE Rocketman! looks amazing!!




The moment we've at been waiting for 2:18


Now I really want to see this movie. Also I really love the look of Rocketman.




Is this canon in the marvel universe? I hope so.


I wanna see this Vemom vs Spider-Man Homecoming


Tenho um canal de desenhar se gostou Inscreva-se ativa o sonho vai me ajudar muito blz


Kd os br?


Are they gonna make a Rocketman vs Carnage? XD


I kinda hope this movie is a flop and Rocketman ends up back in the hands of Marvel




I can’t wait to see this.tom hardy again he is talking over,I can see him been the next 007,the man can play so many different characters,well done mate ߑߑߑߑߑ




quase um PROTOTYPE


The emphasis on \"we\". Are symbiotes all one entity?


Another great marvel movie


He better have a spider on his chest


At 1:40 the music begins to sound like the infinity war trailer music just a little bit


“WE are Rocketman”, so badass!!


Very Good!!


Wow #1 on trending and about to reach 1mil likes under 24hours... That's crazy


WE are in need of an underwear change\nߘߒߒ


재밌겠다. 빨리 나왔으면 하는 바램이...


So cool


Oh yeah I love Rocketman


why does this remind me of ghost rider?


So, is this another Spider-Man Movie?


I only watched Spiderman the animated series during the 90s, wasn't Brock an a hole as I can recall, that the black crap fed off. Here we have Brock as a good guy, doing good things. So isn't that a contradiction of what Brock was on the animated series.not unless the comics depict him as some good guy also


Bad to the touching bone

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