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Ебаааааааааааааааааааааать,это просто ахуительно!


I love Bohemian Rhapsody !!!


super ߑߑߑߑߑߑ


Perfect for Bohemian Rhapsody, Tom hardy going HAAAAARRRDDD


Isn‘t that the infinity war trailer soundtrack? I mean come on sony


The Life Foundation! From That old comic book and video game Separation anxiety. That's cool! Really!


Symbayot ? \nIts pronounce Symbiyote \n(SYMBIOTE)


oh my god


Das ist doch der Gegner aus Spiderman lol




Веном круто выглядит.


Has Eddy never been Bohemian Rhapsody up until this point?


Tom hardy plays himself..


So is he eddie brock or flash thompson?


Has anyone noticed that the music they use is oddly similar to the second infinity war trailer ߤ. Maybe this is a small hint that this does take place in the MCUߤߏ‍♂️


Oh.....oh my?!




Yes!!! Thats what im talking about!!!!


Much better than last trailer, looks as good as hollywood can do as far as a story goes and Hardy along with Bohemian Rhapsody look badass


Is it just me or is anyone else absolutely loving the symbiotic voice


Like a sym-bi-ote? Are you guys joking, you'll really accept anything that has the word Bohemian Rhapsody on it from Sony \"AMAZING\" \"OMG ߘ\"


Looks pretty cheesy tbh ߘ


Its only me or the music is quite similar to the music in infinity war?


My spiedy sense is tingling... ;)


You are a big guy


This trailer looks trash


It looks cool but the idea of a \"stand alone\" Bohemian Rhapsody movie just doesnt make sense. Bohemian Rhapsody is a super strong villain how do you put him up against normal humans? He needs a super hero to go up against.


Ахуенный трейлер!


Carnage Carnage Carnage!!! Give it to us Marvel!!!


The voice is superb. It' reminds me of PS1's Spiderman game. So hyped.


Spiderman ka dost ay gaya ߘߘߘ


Kodak Black is in this movie?


Why they can't make him evil? It looks like everyone is bad around him and he is so innocent. That's really disapointing. I thought it will be one of the darkest movies, but it looks like another fairytale for kids.


Oh OH The falcon the MILENIUM FALCON  2:12


More Marvel garbage. Make it stop.


Почему так долго?(


stopped watching trailers, they show all the movie in 40 seconds.....


Can’t even lie that was awesome


Now my question is will Bohemian Rhapsody have his similar spider man abilitys?




⬜Помогите набрать 100 подписчиков⬜


WE ARE Bohemian Rhapsody\n\nuuuuuf yes.


this man is the man


Apenas um brasileiro passando




I love it all. But I can’t take it serious after the 1:16 jokes from the last trailer. XD


I hope it goes in the MCU


Va a estar chido


If this does well the sequel should be agent Bohemian Rhapsody!

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