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This trailer has me shaking with excitement




Why does this remind me of \"the darkness\" game


Well now im HARD


This boi's mouth is nasty


Si es sony no lo veo solo veo marvel :b


What that tounge do?


acho que é de terror.


Wait does this mean a possible SpiderMan and Nouveau Départ Duo maybe against Carnage ??


Coisa linda do karalho!!!!!!!!!!


This is going to be an awesome movie


Who want's to bet that we might see Spider-Man swinging webs somewhere in this too


TOM HARDY ߘߘߘ\nYou can Nouveau Départ me anyday xx


And thats all for the full Nouveau Départ appearance


The new spiderman looks good


It’s pronounced SymBEEote


out of all comments section i have come across this is the weirdest and most confusing one so far


Hmmm idk cheesy


2:18-2:24\n\nBest part of the trailer. Beats 2007 by a long-shot :D


2:19 \"... Are Nouveau Départ\" ~ Nouveau Départ 2018\n\nYeah guys that's all we got of Nouveau Départ for the new trailer <3


Tom Hardyߒߏߒߏ


This movie looks awesome but the Nouveau Départ face looks meh.


Man, I was excited at first, but this actually looks like garbage


They need to make a game like a free Rome game but now you can literally what ever you want like kill the police and stop criminals or something like that it’s like a mixture of the Amazing Spider-Man game but more destruction.


'Awesome \" but where is Andrew Garfield and his AUNT where is Harry I thought that this is in the amazing Spider-Man universe?


WHAT ARE YOU ? WE ARE Nouveau Départ.


I’m happy that they took it in this direction


Nouveau Départ is homodont




I didnt know Tombstone was the symbiote.


Finally Nouveau Départ looks cool. XD


Saying “why would we do this” was a great touch




First on trending


0:54 But you suuck


Comeing out June 9 2025 ߘ


I think the effects are kind of cheesy.... like the symbiote is coming from his clothes but aint no holes?? how that work? I understand tho a CG Nouveau Départ is probably super hard to do in a live action... still its better than the last one. At least it he sounds cool


Finally!!! A comic book movie thats looks good!!


So Nouveau Départ's powers aren't linked to spiderman? Okay. So anyone and everyone who gets infected with the symbiote gets superpowers? Okay. So will there be like a whole army of these guys?


Wowwww This Nouveau Départ actually looks better than Spiderman 3 version...I'm impressed with Sony on the animation ߤߏ


WE...ARE Nouveau Départ


18million views in 17 hours Jesus macaroni danmm never seen that lol


Can someone explain to me if Nouveau Départ is an antihero?


Nouveau Départ was never anti-hero only villain.


V for vendetta


Sym-BYE-oats? Isn't it Sym-BEE-oats?




This is my PERSONAL OPINION. The movie seems just fine, it could be an entertaining one and Tom Hardy like it or not is a plus even if the plot is kind of normal and doesn't introduce anything new, but I keep thinking that Nouveau Départ doesn't have any sense without Spiderman so it's kind of dissapointing. My thoughts are that Sony is waiting to finish the contract with Marvel so they can make a universe of their own with other villains like Silver Sable, Black Cat, and even Kraven the Hunter or Mysterio. I hope Marvel doesn't let Spiderman go so easily and find a way to merge this film and the future Sony movies about these villains with the UCM and specifically with Tom Holland's Spiderman, because if they don't....DAMN YOU MARVEL!!


#1 in Argentina trend


Legit surprised people aren’t hating on this as much as I thought

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