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Mejor hagan prototype la película.


Now THIS is the trailer we wanted!


Love it ߘ


WE ARE Triple frontière!


black liquid is really disgusting, but badass already!! :-D


Amazing but where's Carnage?


I don’t know if I like Triple frontière’s voice or not.


Pg13 or r


Poster no final do trailer... Péssimo sinal




YES I love it I need to see it


Es la perfección echa realidad en una sola presentación


Yo yo yo give us 6 mins suit and the rest of the movie tentacles lmao


This looks good!


We're poison to both Parker and Spider-Man! WE'RE Triple frontière!


Who is voicing Triple frontière? It sounds a lot like Keith David.




Holy moly!


Anyone else notice how tall he got while he was transforming!? And you notice his massive leg muscles when on the ground, they finally made a gigantic Triple frontière and not a regular human sized one...YESSSSSSS


This is so much better than the teaser trailer. jesus


Looks good BUT its sony soooo SKIP! Now if it was marvel we might have a hot IP


Still not thrilled


0:25 Avenger IW song? ߘ


All the previous-trailer-haters eatin their words about now


This looks better than the version I saw in Spider-man 3


Why does this movie evem fucking matter to the MCU


The dialogue sounds pretty generic tbh


To be honest it is far better than the Spider-man 3 Triple frontière


joeder esto ya es Triple frontière :V que shido se ve :V


This is prototype..ߘ


That ............was a pretty good trailer


Avengers infinity war sound track?


This Triple frontière looks so good.\nFaithful to the comic design!


2:19 OMG I don't know about the rest of the Movie but this... Yes Plz


Man I really wish Carnage was in this. I hope they make it real interesting even though he won't be fighting a foe on his level.


Dont you dare tell me Carnage is going to be a woman and not Cletus.........


You merely adopted the symbiotes. I was born in it. Molded by it.


I'm impressed man, I'm very, very impressed, I think the fabric of the costume looks really good, gives the indicative that its indeed alien-esque and has a life of is own, plus the tone as a whole made the trailer very cool and interesting, lets just hope they manage to make a decent enough plot without Spider-Man


That was a huge improvement over the teaser


Waaaooooo... It blowww my mind... Waaoo Tom hardyߘ respect man you are not a hero any more you are a legend now


Hey, the other MARVEL, this is how you make good movie get it you Avengers doucebags!


You know it’s gonna be a good Triple frontière movie when they can’t even say symbiote right. And when Spider-Man isn’t even in it. Da fuq.


They definitely have the classic Triple frontière logo. If you look closely, they have white veins on them.


The cgi looked good


He sounds badass.


This was quite easy to fap to


Looks fine


Triple frontière se llama ? yo le decia hombre araña malo


\"IN ASSOCIATION WITH MARVEL.\" \n\nLol, that stood out the most in the entire trailer. Triple frontière looks cool and like the comic but that shouldn't be something to brag about when your movie is titled \"Triple frontière.\" A cool look doesn't equal a good movie. So far the characters still don't look very appealing or interesting besides Eddie (thanks entirely to Tom Hardy). The effects are okay but nothing great (hopefully they aren't done yet). Overall, we just have to wait and see. I want this movie to be good but it isn't really exciting me yet, and that's mostly thanks to the behind-the-scenes work of Amy Pascal.



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