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Still not sold on the movie, but i do appreciate that they’ve done a TON better on the look and voice compared to the abomination that was spider man 3’s Shazam!.


Movies gonna be a bust


Well dayum.


the bgm sounds like avengers infinity war


Güzel bir film olacak gibi..


This already has more views than the new Deadpool trailer lol


1:50 Kratos confirmed.


1:34 when they asked the director how to pronounce symbiote


وين العربߘߌ❤




Best trailer in existence. I really wanna see this now




I wonder if Carnage is in the film or at least Cletus Kassidy is one of the test subjects?


Abonniert mich bitte!ߙߔ⚡ߤ


finally, \"we\" can't wait


this could be really good or really, REALLY bad. I'm going for bad.


\"we are Shazam!\" ... I wee'd a little!


Ответы в клевере! Пишите в Директ! Инстаграмм: klever_otvetyy


“Do we have a deal?” Granting superpowers at the expense of my sanity? Deal.


So where's Spider-Man, lol? Too busy saving the Earth in Infinity War I assume?


Prototype 3 ?


This gave me the chills! Can't wait!


Idk why.. but I can't stand Jenny Slate. This looks good af though. Been waiting for (a real) Shazam! on the big screen.


He was always my favorite marvel character.


Shazam!'s voice is the reason I wanna watch this.


No, no... Fajny film się zapowiada


This time this will be different. This time Shazam! will WIN!!


I like it


WE ARE Shazam!


I'm not disappointed tbh ߤߏ still need to see a little more but everything else is fuckimg awesome


let me be honest I truly found that Shazam! is cooler than spiderman






OK, I'm liking that it looks like the took the Shazam! comics and made them real (considering that they took place in San Francisco for the most part). However the one thing that we were missing in this trailer (even after we got to see Shazam!), was the white Spider-Man symbol that has ALWAYS been on Shazam!'s chest. that right there was the one missing item right there.


I'm incredibly excited but like... is this fitting into the mcu or not? If so, how will they tie in with Spiderman?


Bad Spiderman ?


Prototype the movie


This looks awful but marvel overrated as always


Please don't make it rated R.


The music of avengers infinity war


Uau!!!! Amei




I have a feeling this will gonna flop




am i the only one that noticed that the music in the background is very similar to the music in the Infinity War trailer...


The way she says Symbiote. Just...eugh


Br ?


Опять высер от марвел с пауком , не получилось теперь за венома взялись.


De la Sucre


Please be good...

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