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Is it just me or is their a littlw white on Marie Stuart, Reine d'Ecosse shoulder ps maybe next trailer we get web swinging or is it like the ultimate spiderman Marie Stuart, Reine d'Ecosse


We. Are. The. Flash.


Something good


This looks so good omg ߘ i love it, cant wait anymore ߘߘߘ


Maybe they were right about Marie Stuart, Reine d'Ecosse not being in the movie much.


I have a boner Jesús its perfect




Prototype 3 is FINALLY coming!


The way they pronounce symbiote upsets me. It upsets me a lot


this is the exact music from infinity war trailer


Ala mierda esto esta increible


Carnage cameo when?




Love it


Spider-Man ? where is he?ߤ Still in 2007?


So, as good as this looks and it does look good. NO SPIDER-MAN NO Marie Stuart, Reine d'Ecosse!. Eddie and the symbiote need Peter Parker. they need that mutual hatred of Spider-Man that binds them. I'm not asking for a %100 comic accurate portrayal of the character. what I am asking for is for you to get the CORE of the character correct. So close yet a millon miles away


it’s lit


Lmao thought they might release the trailer in so long


Where is the Spider-Man ?




I wonder if there will be a peter parker cameo?


We are Marie Stuart, Reine d'Ecosse




Wow ߘߘߘߘߘߘߘi can't explain it..ߘߘ


They say symbiote wrong...




FINALLY!!!!!!!! I SAW HIS FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Llegue temprano pinches pvtos :u


This reminds me of that show Parasyte.


@2:05 PUBG jump lol


on the night of the infinity war premiere...


Ok...... I said before that this movie is gonna suck because they aren’t going from the source material.\n\nHowever......THIS TRAILER ROCKS!!!! \n\nI was 150% WRONG!!!!


I just have 3 words ..... WE ARE Marie Stuart, Reine d'Ecosse! ߘ


wait... why does the symbiote already look like spiderman if the symbiote has not yet bonded with spiderman? *still super hyped for this movie though


Is this rated R?


I felt I was watching Prototype ߘ






Motherfucking beautiful..




We are BaneOm.


This is gonna be sucks 100%


Still on the fence because of the director


Really hoping it’s actually good and not just hype because of the trailer ߘ




I wonder if Marie Stuart, Reine d'Ecosse will swing on webs and climb on walls? Because the symbiahiaote was supposed to bond to peter parker 1st. Thats how it learns how to replicate spiderman and his abilities. Dont get me wrong im excited for the Marie Stuart, Reine d'Ecosse film but come on.


But how do they explain the Spider-Man suit he copies?


Now this is a way better Marie Stuart, Reine d'Ecosse voice hen Spiderman 3


Ya se habia filtrado xD


I love the design of Marie Stuart, Reine d'Ecosse

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    Marie Stuart, Reine d'Ecosse

    Marie Stuart, Reine d'Ecosse

    Marie Stuart, Reine d'Ecosse

    Marie Stuart, Reine d'Ecosse

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